As of February 2019, I’ll be focusing most of my booking on pre-drawn designs. You can view the currently available designs HERE. If you find a design that you want to get tattooed, you can email me directly to book it. Note: designs will be posted up on my Instagram first - if they haven’t been claimed within three days they will go up in the available designs gallery.


I will be limiting the amount of custom designs I take on per month to just a handful so I can focus on pre-drawn pieces, as well as my own personal projects and illustration career. Because of this, I have to be very selective about the custom designs I decide to take on. If you are interested in getting a custom piece done, please fill out the custom tattoo proposal form HERE.

Please note, by filling out the proposal form I can’t guarantee I will take on the project at this time. If you do not hear back from me within a week it’s likely that I have decided to not take on the proposal, which in no way means I don’t want to work with you or do not think your tattoo idea a good one, just that it’s not a good fit for me in particular. I have a very specific style and want to work with clients who want my specific artwork. There are tons of amazing tattooers in Portland who work in a variety of styles, and tattoos are permanent, so please understand I have both yours and my best interests in mind when I say this. :)

Priority for custom booking will be given to:

  • Return clients

  • Designs that allow me to have a lot of creative freedom

  • Themes I’m especially into: trees / mountains, space stuff, robots, science / anatomy, industrial / mechanical / architectural motifs, nautical / sea creatures, steampunk, patterns/geometric elements, geeky fandom

Themes and styles that are probably not the best choice for me would include: very fine line work, tiny tattoos, predominantly floral / botanical designs, full color work, realism, exclusively script tattoos - again, I have nothing against any of these, just that they are not the best fit for me stylistically. I am always happy to refer you to an artist at the shop who will be a better fit for your piece.

While I definitely have a certain style, that style does fall into a few subsets. When sending in a custom proposal it’s helpful to be familiar with those so you can reference what specific style or styles you are interested in:

Often designs do combine a few of these styles together, and it’s totally okay if you don’t really know which one(s) you want - these examples are just there to give you a starting off point if you are interested in any in particular. We can discuss your idea in detail and find what works best for you!


Where are you located?

I tattoo out of Saint & Sinners. We are located at: 2448 SE 89th Ave. Portland, OR 97216, and can be reached by telephone at: 971-703-6669. You can view our shop website at:

What are your rates?

Pre-drawn designs: Are currently priced per design. After December 2018 (start of 2019), pre-drawn work will be $75 an hour. (if you already have an appointment with me for a pre-drawn design it will still be priced per design - the hourly rate will be for new pre-drawn work posted after the new year). Please feel free to get in touch with me if you need a rough price estimate on pre-drawn designs - I can generally gauge how long each piece will take. My pre-drawn designs almost always fall within one hour to three and a half hours to complete, depending on the design.

Custom work: $100 an hour.

Should I tip at the appointment?

Tips are customary within the industry and greatly appreciated. Generally, if you are happy with your tattooing experience a 15%-25% tip is a good range to go by. Tips can be accepted as cash or added to your credit/debit total for the tattoo. I have also received gifts, candy and even baked goods as bonus tips!

Can I bring a friend/family member to the appointment with me?

Absolutely! But be aware that my tattooing space is very small and only has room for one guest to be seated next to you while being tattooed. We have a nice lobby in the shop however where extra guests can hang out during your session.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, credit / debit, Venmo or Paypal.

How do I book an appointment with you?

For pre-drawn designs: Send me an email with the name of the pre-drawn design you’d like to claim.

For custom work: Fill out the custom tattoo proposal form HERE.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A $20 deposit is required to book an appointment for both pre-drawn designs and custom work. This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your appointment but is not lost if you need to reschedule. I accept Venmo or Paypal for deposits. If you can’t do either of these, cash can be dropped by the shop within a week of booking the appointment. Important: if you have not paid your deposit after a week of booking the appointment, I will re-open the appointment spot. An exception to this would be if we have a consult scheduled and you want to pay the deposit at the consult.

Deposits do go towards the final cost of your tattoo!

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?

No worries, I completely get that sometimes life happens, but the sooner you can let me know of a cancellation or reschedule the better! Unfortunately, sometimes I do get booked out for awhile and can’t get your reschedule in for a few months, so please understand you may have to wait a bit if this happens.

Important note regarding pre-drawn designs: If you need to reschedule on a pre-drawn design, and haven’t gotten back to me within two weeks of your original appointment regarding your rescheduled appointment, I will make the design available again and re-post it up on my website and Instagram. Unfortunately this has happened somewhat frequently and I have had to put this policy in place to keep designs from rotting in claimed purgatory.

Again, if you need to reschedule you will not lose the $20 deposit.

Do you do consults?

Most definitely! In fact, for custom work a consult is preferred. That way we can sit down together and chat about your design face to face. It makes the process so much easier, and meeting in person is a great way to bounce ideas back and forth. It’s also good for me to get a look at the space you are wanting to get tattooed, especially if we are fitting it around any pre-existing work.

I do all of my consults at the shop and try to squeeze them into my schedule as soon as possible. They generally last about 30 minutes.

How do I best prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Try to get a good sleep the night before and not come into your appointment hungover. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids beforehand and have a full meal. Tattoos can take a hit to your body / immune system, so it’s always best to feel rested up and not thirsty or hungry when you sit down to get tattooed. I would encourage you to bring water and some healthy, protein packed snacks, especially for larger sessions. We have complimentary cold bottled water at the shop. A well charged phone and any other distractions (headphones, book, tablet) are also good to have ready to go.

Will you tattoo this design I found on Pinterest/Google/my friend drew/I drew/I saw tattooed on someone else, etc.?

No, I will not When I was very first starting tattooing I did do this sometimes, but I will no longer be doing designs copied from things found on the web, etc. Sketched out ideas and reference photos are great however, and I always encourage people to share any and all references with me as they are incredibly helpful in giving me an idea of what you want. Regarding copying other styles, please see my Policies section above. (the short answer is no ;)) And of course I will not copy other tattoo artist’s designs. As an artist, I want to create original work in my own style, to give you something to put on your body we can both be proud of!

Do you do any color work?

I will occasionally add color pops or use color accents, depending on the design and client request, but in most cases I do purely blackwork. I am not taking on full color pieces at this time.

Do you repeat your pre-drawn designs?

I do not. It’s very important to me that my clients get a unique piece of art to wear on their body, and while pre-drawns are not custom work per se, I want each piece to be a stand alone in and of itself. The only exception to this would be, if two people want to come in and get matching family/friend/partner tattoos that happen to be pre-drawn up designs.

I will occasionally do flash days/sales, in which case I have drawn up a specific sheet of flash designs - these are repeatable during the duration of the flash day/sale.

I’ve noticed a lot of your designs have similar looking things in them. Am I going to get a unique tattoo?

Again, it’s incredibly important to me that you get a unique piece of art (see previous question), so repeating entire tattoos is something that I do not do. However, I do like to repeat certain pieces or elements in designs. This is something I do intentionally, as a stylistic choice. I like to think of them as stylistic calling cards. For example, my trees look like my trees, my paths look like my paths - I purposefully repeat particular patterns, especially in the ‘strata’ style pieces. There are certain patterns I like to use in nature designs, and others like I like to use in space designs, etc. If this is something that really bothers you I may not be the best artist for you. :)

Do you do cover ups/reworks/additions to pre-existing tattoos?

This is really something that is really decided on a case by case basis. So yes, sometimes. The best thing to do for these is to get in touch with me via email and we can discuss your project in further detail.

When will I see the drawing for my custom design?

Because of my schedule, this varies from a week away from your appointment to a few days. In most cases I won’t be able to get it to you any sooner than that. I always make sure that it’s within at least a few days of the appointment so there is plenty of time to look over the design and make any changes.

Do you charge for revisions on custom designs?

The first three rounds of revisions on custom designs are completely free of charge. After that, every round of revisions is $20. I have had to implement this into my policies since I currently do not charge an overall drawing fee and need to protect the time I spend working on designs outside of tattooing them.

Will you draw a tattoo design for me so someone else can tattoo it?

No. It’s always best to have the same artist who draws up your design tattoo it for you - there are just so many specifics about approaching the design and the techniques used that translate from design to tattoo that really are difficult to replicate if you are not the one who originally designed it.

What if I want to contact you about non-tattoo design related freelance work/illustration commissions?

I’m always interested in freelance illustration related inquiries, so yes, please feel free to get in touch! I can’t guarantee that I will be able to take on the project, but would love to hear about any and all possible freelance opportunities. You can view an assortment of my non-tattoo related art on this website as examples of the work I do outside of tattooing.

Do you have prints or other artwork for sale?

I do! Follow the shop link for my Big Cartel store. I’m still working on building it up, but excited about lots of new things up and coming, including prints, t-shirts and more!

If there are any questions or concerns that you have that I have not answered here, please feel free to email me!